ГДЗ Дайын үй жұмыстары Решебник к учебнику: Английский язык Ben Wetz 5 класс 2019 Упражнение Ex3 p99

Издательство: Oxford University Press

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Подробное решение Английский язык 5 класс, авторов Wetz Ben, Diana Pye 2019, Упражнение Ex3 p99

СОР СОЧ по Английскому языку за 5 класс

Module 8: Creativity Language focus (be going to: affirmative and negative) Упражнение Ex3 p99

Английский язык English Plus. Grade 5. Student books Ben Wetz 5 класс 2019 Упражнение Ex3 p99

Module 1: Home and away

Vocabulary (Familiar words)

Ex1 p4 Ex3 p4

Language Focus (be: singular affirmative)

Ex2 p5 Ex3 p5 Ex4 p5 Ex5 p5

Vocabulary (Countries)

Ex1 p6 Ex2 p6

Language Focus (Subject Pronouns; be: singular and plural)

Ex2 p7 Ex3 p7 Ex4 p7 Ex5 p7 Ex6 p7

Language Focus (there is, there are, some, a lot of)

Ex1 p9 Ex4 p9

Review Unit 1

Ex1 p10 Ex2 p10 Ex3 p10 Ex4 p10 Ex5 p10 Ex6 p10 Ex7 p10

Reading for pleasure 1

Ex1 p11

Reading for pleasure 2

Ex2 p11

Module 2: Sports

Vocabulary (adjectives)

Ex1 p12 Ex3 p12 Ex4 p12 Ex5 p12

Reading (a web page about clubs for young people)

Ex2 p13

Language Focus (be: negative)

Ex1 p15 Ex2p15 Ex3 p15 Ex4 p15 Ex5 p15

Language Focus (be: questions and short answers)

Ex1 p17 Ex2/Ex3 p17

Speaking (giving a personal information)

Ex1 p18 Ex3 p18

Writing (an email)

Ex1 p19 Ex2 p19 Ex3 p19 Ex4 p19

Creativity and Skills (my country (sports))

Ex1 p20 Ex2 p20 Ex3 p20 Ex4 p20 Ex5 p20

Creativity and Skills (communication (asking and the telling the time))

Ex1 p21

Creativity and Skills (Project (A club poster))

Ex1 p22 Ex2 p22 Ex3 p22

Creativity and Skills (Vocabulary puzzles (adjectives, nouns: favorite things))

Ex1 p22 Ex2 p23 Ex3 p23

Module 3: Fantasy world

Vocabulary (adjectives)

Ex1/Ex2 p26 Ex3 p26 Ex4 p26 Ex5 p26

Facts and Figures (p27)


Reading (an article about two places)

Ex1/Ex2 p28 Ex2 p28

Language Focus (there is, there are, some and any: affirmative and negative)

Ex2 p29 Ex3 p29 Ex4 p29

Vocabulary and listening (shops)

Ex1 p30 Ex2 p30

Language Focus (there is, there are, some and any: questions and short answers; prepositions of place)

Ex1 p31 Ex2 p31 Ex4 p31

Writing (A brochure about your town)

Ex1 p33 Ex2 p33 Ex3 p33 Ex4 p33

Creativity and Skills (my country: my world)

Ex1 p34 Ex2 p34 Ex3 p34 Ex4 p34 Ex5 p34

Creativity and Skills (Project (Fantasy world))

Ex1 p36 Ex2 p36

Creativity and Skills (Vocabulary puzzles (people places + shops)

Ex1 p37 Ex2 p37 Ex3 p37

Review Unit 3

Ex1 p38 Ex2 p38 Ex3 p38 Ex5 p38 Ex6 p38

Reading for pleasure

Ex1 p39

Module 4: Families

Vocabulary (adjectives)

Ex2 p40 Ex3 p40 Ex4 p40 Ex5 p40

Reading (an article about two places)

Ex1 p42 Ex2 p42

Language Focus (have got: affirmative and negative)

Ex1 p43 Ex2 p43 Ex3 p43 Ex4 p43