ГДЗ Дайын үй жұмыстары Решебник к учебнику: Английский язык Ben Wetz 5 класс 2019 Упражнение Ex1 p83

Издательство: Oxford University Press

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Подробное решение Английский язык 5 класс, авторов Wetz Ben, Diana Pye 2019, Упражнение Ex1 p83

СОР СОЧ по Английскому языку за 5 класс

Module 7: Holidays Travel quiz Упражнение Ex1 p83

Английский язык English Plus. Grade 5. Student books Ben Wetz 5 класс 2019 Упражнение Ex1 p83

Module 1: Home and away

Vocabulary (Familiar words)

Ex1 p4 Ex3 p4

Language Focus (be: singular affirmative)

Ex2 p5 Ex3 p5 Ex4 p5 Ex5 p5

Vocabulary (Countries)

Ex1 p6 Ex2 p6

Language Focus (Subject Pronouns; be: singular and plural)

Ex2 p7 Ex3 p7 Ex4 p7 Ex5 p7 Ex6 p7

Language Focus (there is, there are, some, a lot of)

Ex1 p9 Ex4 p9

Review Unit 1

Ex1 p10 Ex2 p10 Ex3 p10 Ex4 p10 Ex5 p10 Ex6 p10 Ex7 p10

Reading for pleasure 1

Ex1 p11

Reading for pleasure 2

Ex2 p11

Module 2: Sports

Vocabulary (adjectives)

Ex1 p12 Ex3 p12 Ex4 p12 Ex5 p12

Reading (a web page about clubs for young people)

Ex2 p13

Language Focus (be: negative)

Ex1 p15 Ex2p15 Ex3 p15 Ex4 p15 Ex5 p15

Language Focus (be: questions and short answers)

Ex1 p17 Ex2/Ex3 p17

Speaking (giving a personal information)

Ex1 p18 Ex3 p18

Writing (an email)

Ex1 p19 Ex2 p19 Ex3 p19 Ex4 p19

Creativity and Skills (my country (sports))

Ex1 p20 Ex2 p20 Ex3 p20 Ex4 p20 Ex5 p20

Creativity and Skills (communication (asking and the telling the time))

Ex1 p21

Creativity and Skills (Project (A club poster))

Ex1 p22 Ex2 p22 Ex3 p22

Creativity and Skills (Vocabulary puzzles (adjectives, nouns: favorite things))

Ex1 p22 Ex2 p23 Ex3 p23

Module 3: Fantasy world

Vocabulary (adjectives)

Ex1/Ex2 p26 Ex3 p26 Ex4 p26 Ex5 p26

Facts and Figures (p27)


Reading (an article about two places)

Ex1/Ex2 p28 Ex2 p28

Language Focus (there is, there are, some and any: affirmative and negative)

Ex2 p29 Ex3 p29 Ex4 p29

Vocabulary and listening (shops)

Ex1 p30 Ex2 p30

Language Focus (there is, there are, some and any: questions and short answers; prepositions of place)

Ex1 p31 Ex2 p31 Ex4 p31

Writing (A brochure about your town)

Ex1 p33 Ex2 p33 Ex3 p33 Ex4 p33

Creativity and Skills (my country: my world)

Ex1 p34 Ex2 p34 Ex3 p34 Ex4 p34 Ex5 p34

Creativity and Skills (Project (Fantasy world))

Ex1 p36 Ex2 p36

Creativity and Skills (Vocabulary puzzles (people places + shops)

Ex1 p37 Ex2 p37 Ex3 p37

Review Unit 3

Ex1 p38 Ex2 p38 Ex3 p38 Ex5 p38 Ex6 p38

Reading for pleasure

Ex1 p39

Module 4: Families

Vocabulary (adjectives)

Ex2 p40 Ex3 p40 Ex4 p40 Ex5 p40

Reading (an article about two places)

Ex1 p42 Ex2 p42

Language Focus (have got: affirmative and negative)

Ex1 p43 Ex2 p43 Ex3 p43 Ex4 p43 Ex5 p43

Vocabulary and listening (adjectives; describing people)

Ex1 p44 Ex2 p44

Language Focus (have got: affirmative, negative, questions and short answers)

Ex1 p45 Ex2 p45 Ex3 p45 Ex5 p45 Ex6 p45

Writing (Description of people for a blog)

Ex1 p47 Ex2 p47 Ex3 p47

Creativity and Skills (my country: living things)

Ex1/Ex2 p48 Ex3 p48 Ex4 p48 Ex5 p48

Creativity and Skills (Communication (Asking friends for things and describing where they are))

Ex1 p49

Creativity and Skills (project (my family))

Ex1 p50 Ex2 p50

Creativity and Skills (vocabulary puzzles (family(adjectives: describing people)))

Ex1 p51 Ex2 p51 Ex3 p51

Review Unit 4

Ex1 p52 Ex2 p52 Ex3 p52 Ex4 p52 Ex5 p52 Ex6 p52

Reading for pleasure

Ex1 p53

Module 5: Values

Vocabulary (adjectives)

Ex1/Ex2 p54 Ex3 p54 Ex4 p54

Reading (International Festival)

Ex1 p56 Ex2 p56 Ex3 p56

Language Focus (present simple affirmative)

Ex2 p57 Ex3 p57

Vocabulary and listening (the months and seasons)

Ex2 p58 Ex3 p58

Language Focus (present simple: negative)

Ex1 p59 Ex2 p59 Ex3 p59 Ex4 p59 Ex5 p59

Speaking (Making suggestions)

Ex1 p60 Ex2 p60 Ex4 p60

Writing (a composition about a special day)

Ex1 p61 Ex3 p61 Ex4 p61

Creativity and Skills (my country: holidays)

Ex1 p62 Ex2 p62 Ex3 p32 Ex4 p62 Ex5 p62 Ex6 p62

Creativity and Skills (asking about dates)

Ex1 p63 Ex2 p63

Creativity and Skills (vocabulary puzzles (Celebrations and special days(Seasons and months))

Ex1 p65 Ex2 p65 Ex3 p65

Review Unit 5

Ex1 p66 Ex2 p66 Ex3 p66 Ex4 p66 Ex5 p66 Ex6 p66

Reading for pleasure

Ex1 p67

Module 6: World of work

Vocabulary (Verbs)

Ex1 p68 Ex2 p68 Ex5 p68 Ex6 p68

Reading (A day at school)

Ex3 p70

Language Focus (Object pronouns, present simple spelling rules and revision)

Ex1 p71 Ex2 p71 Ex3 p71 Ex4 p71 Ex5 p71 Ex6 p71

Vocabulary and listening (Learning languages)

Ex1 p72

Language Focus (present simple affirmative)

Ex2 p73 Ex3 p73 Ex4 p73 Ex5 p73 Ex6 p73 Ex7 p73

Speaking (Asking questions in class)

Ex1 p74 Ex2 p74 Ex4 p74 Ex6 p74

Writing (A report)

Ex3 p75

My country (Creative work)

Ex2 p76 Ex3 p76 Ex4 p76 Ex5 p76

Communication (Asking about timetables)

Ex1 p77

PROJECT (Countries, people and jobs)

Ex1 p78

CLIL/MUSIC: Appreciating music

Ex1 p79 Ex2 79

Review Unit 6

Ex1 p80 Ex2 p80 Ex3 p80 Ex4 p80 Ex5 p80 Ex6 p80

Reading for pleasure (Jokes)

Ex1 p81

Module 7: Holidays

Reading for pleasure (Jokes)

Ex3 p82 Ex5 p82

Travel quiz

Ex1 p83

Reading (On holiday)

Ex2 p84 Ex4 p84

Language Focus

Ex2 p85 Ex3 p85 Ex4 p85 Ex5 p85

Vocabulary and listening (Journeys)

Ex1 p86 Ex2 p86

Language focus (Present continuous: questions)

Ex1 p87 Ex2 p87 Ex3 p87 Ex4 p87

Speaking (A phone conversation about a holiday)

Ex3 p88 Ex4 p88

Writing (An email about holiday)

Ex1 p89 Ex3 p89

My country (Weekend arrangements)

Ex2 p90 Ex3 p90 Ex4 p90 Ex5 p90 Ex6 p90 Ex7 p90

Communication (Buying a train ticket)

Ex1 p91

Project (A tourist information poster)

Ex1 p92

CLIL (Maths: recording and presenting data)

Ex2 p93

Review (Unit 7)

Ex1 p94 Ex2 p94 Ex3 p94 Ex4 p94 Ex5 p94 Ex6 p94

Reading for pleasure

Ex1 p95 Ex3 p95

Module 8: Creativity

Vocabulary (Culture)

Ex1 p96 Ex3 p96 Ex 5 p96

Quiz (What do you know about Astana’s famous landmarks?)

Ex 1 p97

Reading (Making plans)

Ex3 p98

Language focus (be going to: affirmative and negative)

Ex1 p99 Ex2 p99 Ex3 p99 Ex4 p99

Vocabulary and listening (Nouns: films)

Ex1 p100

Language focus (be going to: questions)

Ex1 p101 Ex 2 p101 Ex3 p101 Ex4 p101

Review(Unit 8)

Ex1 p102 Ex2 p102 Ex3 p102 Ex4 p102 Ex5 p102 Ex6 p102 Ex7 p102

Reading for pleasure (The president’s story)

Ex1 p103 Ex2 p103

Module 9: Reading for pleasure

Vocabulary(Types of writing)

Ex1 p104 Ex2 p104

Quiz (Are you a bookworm?)

Ex1 p105

Reading (a famous story)

Ex1 p106 Ex2 p106 Ex3 p106

Language focus (past simple: regular and irregular)

Ex1 p107 Ex2 p107 Ex3 p107

Vocabulary and listening (Biography of a writer)

Ex1 p108 Ex2 p108 Ex3 p108

Language focus (past simple: questions and negative forms)

Ex2 p109 Ex3 p109

Review (Unit 9)

Ex1 p110 Ex2 p110 Ex3 p110 Ex4 p110 Ex5 p110 Ex6 p110

Reading for pleasure (a book festival)

Ex7 p110 Ex1 p111